Monday, July 6, 2015

Learning Shapes with Playdough

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As part of the Cool Maths for Cool Kids series, I am sharing this post about learning shapes with playdough.

It's not often that I join the children when they play with playdough. I am hesitant to interfere in their own play ideas. I know my buddies are inclined to watch and copy what I am doing, and I would rather they create from their own ideas than from mine.  When I do join in, it's usually because I have an idea I want to introduce into their play.

learning shapes with playdough photo Shapes .png

This day, I decided I would like to introduce SHAPES. My buddies are already familiar with standard two dimensional shapes. Squares, rectangles, circles, ovals, and the like. Playdough offers the ability to create three dimensional shapes so it is ideal for this purpose.

I quietly  joined them and started creating shapes. I created a 


Cone photo cone.png


cylinder photo cylinder.png


cube photo cube.png

and sphere.

sphere photo sphere.png

Right away, they were interested in what I was doing. They wanted to know what I was making and they wanted me to make them shapes, too. Older children would be able to make shapes themselves, but the buddies that were with me that day were younger. They could make spheres, and cylinder "snakes" but couldn't master the cone or cube.

At first they wanted to use the familiar shape names, "circle" and "square" for these shapes. To show the difference,  I created some flat playdough shapes to show them.

As a follow up, throughout the day we would take note of other objects that were cone, sphere, cylinder or cube shaped. This was a very easy and fun way to introduce shapes to my preschool buddies.

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  1. great idea and brings another 'dimension' to their mathematics and creative play! Thank you for taking part in the Cool Maths for Cool Kids series!