Saturday, July 4, 2015

Printable Math Games

Math Games : a fun way to learn and practice math

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It's summer holidays and my school-age grandchildren have joined us. To keep up with the skills they learned and still have a fun break from school, I created a couple of math games that would utilize the skills I wanted to them to work on. You can find this, and many more math ideas as part of the Cool Maths for Cool Kids series. 

These games are really easy to play and I'm including the printable for you here in this post.

Cover Up - A great co-operative math game for one or two players photo Math Games 2.png

Cover Up 


* 6 dice
* 2 kinds of counters - we used green glass gems and mini purple glass gems

The rules of the game are simple. Start at the bottom of the page (or at the top, if you prefer) with one row of numbers. Roll all 6 dice and see how many of the numbers you've rolled correspond with numbers in that row. We used the dice to cover the numbers as we matched them up. Then replace the dice with counters.
Move on to the next line. If you are playing with two players, this will be the next players turn. Roll the dice as before, matching the dice to the corresponding number in the row and replace the dice with counters.
Keep moving up (or down) row by row, alternating turns. There will be uncovered numbers and unused dice when numbers come up that you don't need.
When you come to the end of the rows the game changes. Roll all the dice again and find the numbers anywhere on the page. Cover those numbers with different counters. Keep going this way, still alternating turns until all the numbers are covered. 
When all the numbers are covered, you've practiced your math, had fun & everybody wins!

Math Games - a fun way to practice math photo Math Games 4.png

Roll the Dice

Roll the Dice - A simple one player math game photo Math Games 3.png


* Roll the Dice game sheet
* 20 dice (I bought mine at the dollar store in a multi-pack of 36.)

This game is a very fast time filling game for one player. You simply roll all 20 dice and place them in the corresponding row. You may roll more of a number than will fit in a row. Like we did for the number four in the collage picture above.  If that happens, set that die aside until the end and re-roll it to find it a home. I like that this game is short and sweet so that my buddies won't get bored before the game finishes. You can always do it again, too! 

 photo FREE Math.png

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  1. Wow these are fab. Peakles will love playing this - ideal for those lazy summer days (or winter nights when they cannot play outside!) Thank you again for joining in with Cool Maths for Cool Kids :)