Thursday, January 26, 2012

Number Recognition

My buddies and I have been practising numbers. We've been counting and working on number recognition. To help them with this skill and add number practise to our everyday routine, I put numbers on our toy storage pails, and on the toys themselves. Now, they know where each pail or toy goes by matching it to the corresponding number above the shelf. I was very pleased to see that 3D fabric paint adheres so well to plastic! (It adheres even better to glass, but that's another post!)

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I have shared this idea at The Imagination Tree!


  1. You have wonderful ideas! I am following your blog in my google reader now :)

    1. Thank you! I've checked out your blog, too, and I love the sensory bin and tot tray ideas!

  2. Great way to expose in to numbers.


  3. Super idea. I bet they love sorting the toys as well.

  4. Lovely idea! Having the numbers around where they can just see them and learn them through everyday play is the PERFECT way! Thanks so much for linking up!