Monday, February 27, 2012

Saltwater Discovery Bottle

I have to admit that I have become a bit obsessed with discovery bottles lately.  I can't see a bottle without thinking about what my buddies and I might be able to do with it.  I had used up all the baby oil making another discovery bottle and couldn't wait to find something to put back into the now empty baby oil bottle.

I added some Easter confetti that I had and some water.  The Easter confetti sank to the bottom as I expected it would.  I had already made a variety of bottles with oil, oil and water, and a water and glycerine mix.  I wondered what else I could add to the water to make it different.  Then I thought about salt.  I added enough salt to the water that when shaken, it made the confetti FLOAT!


And when you leave the bottle alone for a while, some of the salt settles to the bottom, making the salt solution less saturated and the confetti SINKS!


I was thrilled but I didn't like how the confetti clumped together so I dumped it all out and picked out just the green flowers. The green flowers had concave petals, rather than being flat. I thought they would be less likely to stick to each other. 


My new Saltwater Discovery Bottles are a little less full, but still really COOL!


My Buddies and I are sharing our Saltwater Discovery Bottle on The Sunday Showcase!


  1. This looks like a cool experiment. I'll try this with the kids!

    1. It was a cool experiment and it works today the same as it did when it was made. I love that it is something that can be kept and redone, and my buddies can do it alone with minimal supervision since it's all contained in a closed bottle.