Thursday, February 2, 2012

Squeezy Paint

I was the very happy recipient of some super cool squeeze bottles. They were made to look like crayons and once held kid's bubble bath.

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After removing the labels (you know how to do that, right? No? I'll blog about that later.) Sooooo....I removed the labels and then I made up some squeezable paint. I used a very simple recipe of equal parts flour, salt, water and food colouring. And there was just a little bit of bubble bath in the bottom of the bottle. Here's the link to the recipe I used at It was a bit of a tricky task getting my paint into the narrow openings of the bottles. The mixture was too thick to go through a funnel. I put my mixture into a plastic bag and snipped a bit of corner off to get the mixture into the bottle.

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My buddies had a hard time squeezing hard enough to get the paint out at first. (I made a mental note to provide more hand strengthening activities.) They really enjoyed squeezing the paint out once they got used to using it.   I think we will be doing this again soon!

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  1. Squeezing paint is one of Goblin's favourite activities. I use generic ready mix paint and always have to hold myself back from saying "thats enough .... no really thats enough". Maybe I will try your recipe - it sounds like it might slow him down a little.