Sunday, July 8, 2012

Everything Old is New Again!

I have done it again!  Rearranged things.  This time it was our outdoor classroom.  You know how it is, you add one thing to the classroom and then you move something to accommodate it, and then suddenly EVERYTHING needs rearranging!  It was like that. 

We got a new roller coaster.... 


And the roller coaster took up a lot of room and made the area very active.  So I had to move the multi-purpose table. 


And it displaced the art table.  So the art table became an art and creativity station next to some shelves that held art supplies and musical instruments.



And it's only logical to locate the water table nearby for easy clean up.  The empty laundry soap container is a perfect water dispenser.  And you just know that my buddies are going to be carrying the water around.  So I put the kiddie pool not too far away.


And it's so nice out these days, we need a place to eat our lunches and snacks outside, but in the shade. 


The village hasn't changed location, but look in the right hand corner.  That space used to be just dead space.


I stuck a little picnic table in there to create a nice, quiet area to play.  I can't wait till my buddies discover this little area.


Our flowers are growing, although not as tall as last year.  And the weeds are also growing.  The new bird feeder is popular with the birds and squirrels alike.


My buddies now have a new place to build.  We have tools and duplo blocks stored here, but there are many things we'll be using in this area.


Outdoor storage can be challenging because of all the rain we get.  I find these wire shelves and the crates to be the best as they allow the water through.

Keeping the cleaning equipment like child size brooms, scrubbers and sponges accessible encourages my buddies to help with the clean up.

We still have the typical slides, seesaw and rocker toys.


And after all that organizing, this was the place to be.


I'm looking forward to a great summer of play!

I shared my backyard makeover on It's Playtime


  1. What a great job you did! Thank you fro sharing your post with me, i will link to it!!
    with love,

  2. I'm here from Mama Smiles - what a classroom! I love the way you have set everything up. It's a child's paradise! The roller coaster and the frog pool are adorable.