Thursday, June 13, 2013

Classy Dads T-shirt

Dads T-shirt photo ShirtandTie.png
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I was really excited to make these with my buddies and I'm even more excited to share them with you!  They were fairly easy to make using t-shirts, wax paper, elmers clear glue and assorted acrylic paints.  

We started by pre-washing and drying the shirts.  I then laid them flat with a sheet of wax paper inside to protect the back of the shirt from any paint seeping through.  Then I created a tie stencil by folding another sheet of wax paper in half and cutting half a tie shape so that the tie would be symmetrical when I opened it up.  I used the clear glue along the edges of the tie stencil and placed it in the correct position on the front of the t-shirt.

tie stencil photo IMG_00000794.jpg

I put a selection of acrylic paint on a paint tray and my buddies used a brush to dab paint onto the cut out area of the stencil.  You want to try to have only a small amount of paint on the brush at a time and you may have to guide very young children to dab the right area.  Remove the stencil but keep the inner wax paper inside until the paint dries.  I like to throw the t-shirts in the dryer for 15-20 minutes after the paint dries just to be sure it is well set.  I used a sharpie to add my buddies' names on the bottom corner of the tie, too.  I think they will make great keepsakes for their dads for Father's Day.  I hope they like them!

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