Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ice Cups and Water Beads

Ice Cups and Water Beads photo Iceandwater.jpg
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 This is an activity that we did last summer.  The end of summer is the time of year when I begin to think about the learning side of play. We're still having tons of fun, and we're staying cool, too. This is a very simple sensory activity with ice cups made from a mold found at the local dollar store, and water beads.

Icy Cold Fine Motor Fun photo IcyCollage.jpg

Without instruction from me, just having the ice cups and water beads set out in the table encouraged my buddies to try to pick up the slippery beads and place them in the icy cold cups.  The hot day helped to make this an appealing activity, and my buddies played happily for quite a long time.

Here's what you will want to look for at the store:
ice cup tray photo IcyPlay.jpg

They are meant to make into little ice shot glasses.  They were lots of fun to make and play with.  I know I'll be digging them out to use again this year! 

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